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Friday night dinner specials are back at the Legion. There is also a limited menu available. Serving 5:00-9:00 pm.





Meetings in April

Auxiliary – 5/2  @ Legion

Riders 5/3 @ Legion

SAL 5/17 @ Legion

All Legion Floor and Board meeting will be held on the 2nd Monday of even numbered months.

Meetings will be held on the main floor of the Legion. 


A message from our Chaplain:

Last November the magazine Mature Focus featured on the cover a picture of an older gentleman wearing his old tattered World War One uniform while he embraced the tri-folded American flag. What caught my attention was his eyes. I could see the sadness in his pale eyes that reflected horrors of war as he gazed off into the distance reliving those memories. Memories that he could not speak of because he could not find the right words to be spoken in polite society.

I felt a deep, heavy, aching tug within my heart as I looked deep within his eyes and without warning my eyes began to fill with tears. I felt a burning, hollow, emptiness within my chest but I could not find the right words to explain why I had become a washed with such deep emotions.

I kept that magazine in my truck until this January Every time I climbed into my truck I would see those haunting eyes. As I looked upon those eyes, a pang of sadness crept into my heart threatening to allow my emotions to escape. Emotions that I did not want to feel started to overwhelm me, so much so, I decided to throw the magazine away. Yet when I reached for it some unseen force stayed my hand, all I could do was relegate the magazine to the backseat. Deep within me I could feel the pain of grief that I have kept buried, waiting to be felt and released. The physical feelings that pressed into my soul lacked words of description, because those words are not static but ever changing. The only word to give tangible substance to the emotions that this picture of a World War One veteran elicits from me is grief. A veteran whom I do not know but at the same time I know him, because I feel and understand the pain of his grief, a grief that is reflected in his eyes.

I stare into his mournful eyes framed by a face taut with his struggle to find the words that express his grief. Grief is an emotion that is universal, and that is why I feel connected to a photograph on a magazine cover of a man I never met.

I will close this message with the following quote; “Grief never ends, but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith, it is the price of love.”

Doug Thompson, Chaplain




The Legion would like to thank a few individuals and organizations for their support.

We would like to welcome Ashely and Yolanda to their new roles as Co-Managers of your Legion.




Wednesday-Sunday 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Please watch the Facebook page and website for the most up to date information.

Dinner- Friday’s only 5:00pm-9:00pm.